Kickin’ Bridal Booty

We are two weeks out, and I can hardly focus my brain on anything but wedding. My current to-do list is 22 items long, and that’s not including subcategories. It is fun. I suppose more planning for and looking forward to fun. But I am trying to enjoy the journey. On my bachelorette trip a couple weekends ago, the fortune teller in New Orleans said, “You are the most happy you’ve ever been. You are also the most anxious you’ve ever been.” Geez, did she nail it.

Part of preparing for the Big Day is attempting to look my best… Multiple dress fittings. Finding the perfect shoes. Figuring out somethings old, new, borrowed and blue. Another show-stopping factor there is physique.

Thankful to the heavens, I am a personal trainer and nutrition counselor. I know all the right things to do in a two-week countdown to maximize appearances. Same as other ladies, I am working on the need-to-be-accentuated areas. My number one is triceps, because of a sleeveless gown. I am also considering the honeymoon in Aruba to follow. I’ll be in a swimsuit every day, and some part of me does strive for the fantasy of outer body matching the inner glow on the most splendid vacation of my life.

So… I’m beyond excited. But what does this all mean for business?

I wanted to remind everyone out there that although I train and counsel a plethora of different clients, I also offer a wealth of knowledge as a bride. I definitely have a ton of experience shaping Aarika up – thinking muscle targeting, toning, various modalities and balance.

Maybe you as a bride need a push to get to your goals. Maybe you and your groom-to-be need couples training. Perhaps your whole bridal party needs a boot camp. Or even your parents might be aiming for improvements for that special occasion.

I have to admit, I’m not just considering your future bikini bod. I’m hoping this is an ideal platform to make healthy changes in your life and start to establish a real happily ever after.

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Personally... I am a writer and perpetual student. Professionally... I specialize in Wellness Coaching and Communications and aim to help people seek, find and maintain health. <3

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