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Closing out the year strong, and having a little flexibility of schedule, I decided to take on a new fitness venture. My office life kept me in Greenville, so what better time to explore that area. I had two friends petition me to come to their group exercise classes. They didn’t have to try hard at all to get me to CycleBar.

Sells Itself

CycleBar started in 2004 in Boston and is now a well-recognized cycle studio brand with franchise opportunities. The founding principles for a rockin’ experience still stand: great instructors, great music, great environment. The CycleTheatre is most impressive – tiered bikes, data monitoring and state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting.

Goal Setting

As a first-timer, I got to participate in a 30-minute Intro Ride for free. Unfortunately, I was late to that class due to Woodruff Road traffic. Fortunately, they were so nice to let me just hang for another 20 minutes and join the next full-length class (for all levels). I absolutely loved it! Clearly high from endorphins, I purchased a New Riders Special – 5 rides for $39. Since the rides expired after 1 month, it perfectly fit my timeline for a “December of devotion,” and I opted for 1 ride per week.


Some details about this experience that can’t be overlooked… CycleBar was incredibly thoughtful. They gave me promo items upon signing up – water bottle, lip balm, magnet. They supplied water, snacks and all kinds of products in the bathroom including hair ties. They provided cycling shoes and sweat towels for each ride. CycleBar also had their tech covered. You register online for classes, then arrive in-person to simply check-in on a tablet.


My secondary goal was to try all different instructors. I thought, I might as well maximize this situation for variety of class types and personalities. I took my friend Simone’s class. She is a powerhouse, and for this particular sesh she was 8 months pregnant. She said, “If I can do it, you can.” :0 I took my friend Emily’s class. She used music videos, which totally had me tranced and ignoring the pain. We blasted our “glutes and guns.” Also, shout outs to Lisl, Greta, Vilora and Demar. They were all high-energy, motivational and caring. CycleBar has to be proud!

CycleBar = Focused indoor cycling. Moving and grooving relentlessly but not even noticing. Concierge and clean.


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