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Whole Health Nation is a new organization, defined as “ a group of herbalists, farmers, educators and artists bringing a sense of community and joy to cultivating a healthy and nature inspired lifestyle; using food as medicine, your garden as your apothecary, finding sanctuary in the streets of your city. Starting as a seed in the community of Greenville, SC. Spreading as a revolution across the world.”

The group’s founder June Ellen Bradley is captivating – artist, author, educator and naturalist. She reached out to me at Doctor for Life. We met for a long time, since we are both talkers and clearly passionate about offering people resources in health. She toured the facility – medical office, culinary lab and fitness center – and knew for certain that DFL was a special concept that should be shouted from the rooftops.

I attended the Whole Health Nation 2018 Conference Saturday, March 3 at Zen. Doctor for Life decided to sponsor this worthwhile event, and Dr. Cheryl joined as well. We were thrilled to be in such cool company – vendors and guests who already appreciate health and love learning – a little different than our average day at the office of “convincing.” Attendees were happy to meet us too, a medical practice thinking holistically and combining clinical with much-needed nutrition and fitness. The atmosphere felt perfect.

The best part… We had the pleasure of participating in all Discovery Classes during the day: Seed Saving, Culinary Herbs for Healing Meals, Mushrooms for Immunity and more. The keynote was on Emotions, Health and Eating. Dr. Cheryl and I could not have been more ga-ga over the topic, as it was EXACTLY what we preach.

How many like-minded souls! How many new referral resources! I, too, need a health community for sharing and vigilance and and encouragement.

I walked away enlightened. I also walked away with soap nuts from Shecology, a tincture from Wild Earth Botanicals, a sweet potato salve from Red Moon Herbs and a huge desire to plan a weekend stay at Adawehi. After about a week, Doctor for Life walked away with reinvigoration and at least four new patients. Win win.


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