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“Fluor is one of the world’s largest publicly-traded engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance companies, offering integrated solutions for clients’ complex and challenging capital projects.”​​​ Fluor Enterprises in Greenville, South Carolina is one of the city’s biggest employers. And, thankfully, one of my closest friends happens to work in Human Resources and happened to be coordinating Wellness Lunch and Learns.

So, I had the honor of presenting at Fluor on behalf of Doctor for Life on three occasions. DFL has three service areas. Great fit. The January presentation was on Stress and Self-Care. The February presentation was on Office Life Nutrition. And the March presentation was on Office Life Fitness. I worked with my friend Natalie to tailor Fluor-specific lessons – based on their known health and fitness challenges, subject to an office environment and relentlessly busy schedules.

Sounds pretty straight-forward. But this was my first time presenting a wellness series at a major international corporation. Gulp. The personal enthusiasm… A no-brainer. I could talk about wellness all day. I was terribly worried I’d be boring to this audience for some reason though.

I was actually surprised at the vigor with which I development my topics and tweaked PowerPoints. Having the knowledge is not the hard part. Organizing information thoughtfully and conveying messages in an engaging way is the hard part.

I presented and Doctor for Life provided their Healthy Meals To Go. My favorite moments were interactive… Having participants write goals, share challenges aloud, provide helpful tips for each other and getting physical with self massage and stretches.

Turns out I did a fine job! I was overjoyed to hear that Natalie received a lot of pointedly positive feedback from attendees. Booyah! I feel relieved and proud. I am also now a big fan of Fluor. Any company taking initiative to bring employees Wellness is an innovator in my book.

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