Whole Fit Relaunch

In January 2014, I was doing major soul-searching about my career. I had a quality house and car and a solid, amazing romance going. They say when someone is no longer preoccupied with survival or love, the mind wanders to other worries.

I had been working since age 14, and along the way taking the necessary jobs. In high school, I worked towards college. In college, I worked towards the real world. Then, frankly, I took any credible job that would have me. I climbed the ladder with better and better job opportunities. Even though I dangled from a rung at times unsure if I would fall or jump off out of disgust, I was blessed.

It was imperative to move upwards, always. But there came this time when I was finally secure enough to look around, to ask existential questions. Determining a simple philosophy… If I’m going to spend one-third of my life working, it should be doing work that matters.

To make at least this part of a long story short… I decided that my biggest passion area was Health and Fitness. Health and Fitness, which are fundamentals of life for all humans, regardless of age, education, socioeconomic status, religion, race or gender. Health and Fitness, which have given me so much personal joy, that I wished to be a catalyst for change and to watch the ripple effect.

Now… I’m ready. My “first career” was in Communications. My “second career” was in Health and Fitness. I’ve been learning and exploring and honing and practicing. I’m blending every skill and experience for the Cause!

As of May 1, 2018, I relaunched my company Whole Fit, specializing in Wellness Marketing, Programming and Coaching. Why it works together…


What better way to help people than by helping businesses that help people? I believe branding and messaging are keys to opening minds about wellness, creating awareness and action.


Organizations prioritizing wellness will be the winners. Providing your group opportunities to lose weight, prevent disease and change behavior leads to healthy, happy people.


Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. The first step is education. The next step is continued accountability for the journey with eating well and exercising.

Wellness rules, and I am one person offering what I have to make a difference for you, your organization or your business. Soooooo… Check me out. Tell anyone and everyone. Call me if you have ideas!


Published by Aarika

Personally... I am a writer and perpetual student. Professionally... I specialize in Wellness Coaching and Communications and aim to help people seek, find and maintain health. <3

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