Aging: Part 1

I just had a birthday. I turned 32. Each year I think about the same thing now – getting older. It’s about time I write about my journey. So I decided it should be a three-part series of humor, research and enlightenment.

Don’t tread on my ego! Part 1 is a funny story about my thirtieth birthday, that all my close peeps know because I never miss an opportunity to tell of the shock and to get any scrap of affirmation about looking young.  😉

Upon turning 30, I felt an inclination of responsibility. There are certain things a person must now do in life when reaching this ripe age, no? I decided to go to the dermatologist for the first time ever and get a skin check. I got a recommendation for a local, reputable specialist and scheduled.

At the appointment, I did like the doctor’s personality. I explained why I was there – concern over early years of sun damage, new moles, preventing cancer. I was all geared up, swathed in the medical gown, for a thorough inspection.

First blow… The doctor quickly perused. “Hmm, hmm, hmm. Nah, you’re good.” I’m sure I made a disconcerted face because I felt barely observed. She simply said my skin looked fine, and that new moles will continue to appear until well into my forties, so no need to worry. (I guess she was saying she would not take my skin checks seriously, nor would I be at risk for cancer, until after I turn 40???!!!)

I was getting over the laissez-faire assessment and considering, “Cool, no issues. Great news.” When she began with the second blow…

Doctor: “I hope you won’t be upset. And I don’t normally say this, but in your case I feel there is a noticeable need. Or, I wouldn’t say it.

Me: “Okay.”

Doctor: “You have a very expressive face, and that’s awesome. But you also have a very active forehead. It moves a lot, and, unfortunately, that is creating premature wrinkles. See… [hands me a mirror]

Doctor: “Have you ever considered Botox? We do that here.”

Me: “I’m not saying I would never try Botox. But can I just start with a cream or something?”

Doctor: “Yeah, I can write you a prescription. But it really won’t stop the muscles from moving and doing damage, ya know?

Me: “Well, I would like to try that first.”

I left that office baffled and sad. Did she really say I needed Botox? I have a very active forehead? I have premature wrinkles? [sigh] [worry face] [cry]

My husband was incredibly kind to assure me that I was beautiful and look younger than I am and that he lost respect for that doctor and that she was only trying to sell some Botox. My family and friends were equally encouraging. I still got the Retin-A Micro at the drugstore within days.

I cannot even describe fully what an impact this encounter had on me turning 30. I have literally been talking about it for two years. Maybe I’m okay with aging in theory. But maybe I’m not okay with someone saying I look so old I need to inject botulism into my face to stop the deformity and hideousness!

I know. So Silly. I’m laughing now retelling this. (Oh, no, more lines!)

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