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Per the quest to try new things in fitness and wellness, I have discovered a zen-ful place – WaveRoom Yoga in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I first learned of this studio from a former YMCA colleague Lori Skerjanz. She is the owner, entrepreneur and visioneer. She is also incredibly busy selling her brain-child, patent-pending product The Ravi, a heavy yoga blanket for practice and therapeutic use.


Here’s how I went from an unknown to a regular attendee…

Step 1 > Lori graciously gave me a “free first class” pass and invited me to come try out the studio for months. I finally stopped being a dummy and went!

Step 2 > I signed up for the New Student 2-Weeks Unlimited package for $25. In that period, I was able to try 5 different class types and 5 different instructors. Each with something unique!

Step 3 > I took my brother and his girlfriend while they were in town from New York. We did Tropical Hot Flow Yoga and walked away drenched and “cleansed.” Even the big city folk were impressed.

Step 4 > I talked my husband into going to Bro-Ga: Basics+Balance for Men. He is training for his first half-marathon. And I sold him on the athletic qualities and compliment.

Step 5 > I purchased the 5 Class Pass. I like to incorporate yoga into my exercise rotation once per week. But that can get skewed by schedule demands. These flexible passes are very participant friendly. 🙂


On Skylyn Drive, near Mary Black Hospital and Spartanburg Day School, WaveRoom Yoga sits in a simple office park. The vibrant signage does get your attention though. Inside, the aura is immediate – quiet and peaceful. Details stand out – decor, lighting, music, scent, storage. The main floor is padded and is a no-shoes area, promoting comfort and cleanliness. The studio provides many thoughtful, speciality props including mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, Ravis and more. As you would suspect, there is a “wave wall.”

Hot Yoga

The class I took in August was technically my first “hot yoga” class ever. (I was told that my previous attempt was merely “warm yoga” – even though I was sweating buckets!) WaveRoom uses an infrared light to heat the room and Tropical Hot temperature is 90-92 degrees. Unlike some studios, they do not add humidity – not going for the sauna feel. Trust me, I found it hot enough.

I love yoga. I have often said that I will never teach yoga because I like it too much; I want to keep it for myself. I believe hot yoga does have added benefits. It can be a stress relief – fully stretching out warm muscles, releasing tension and maximizing circulation. It can be an accomplishment – withstanding 1.25 hours of deep sweat and mentally overcoming a physical challenge. For some tips on expectations and safety >> Hot Yoga 101




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