One Year Of Whole Fit

Wow, a year has passed. Well, technically Whole Fit has existed since February 2016. There were breaks in the chronology for full-time jobs and experience-soaking-up. I would not call it fully formed until the relaunch in May 2019, when service offerings were solidified and felt right, when passion and time aligned to actually make things happen.

Whole Fit is a Wellness Coaching and Communications company, helping people with healthy lifestyle and helping businesses who serve those people. These two service lines combine all aspects of my professional experience. But it still feels risky being an entrepreneur with hybrid ideas and non-traditional approach. For both services… The fundamentals are: simple and honest business. The linking personal strengths are: customer serving and problem solving.

I realize what I’m doing is not prevalent or well-understood – YET. I can’t say I’m not rocked by that sometimes, that I don’t feel disappointed at a cocktail party when explaining what I do for a living and see faces glaze over. I’m in a small city in the south. People are uncertain about what “wellness” means. Even “communications” would often be better accepted as “marketing” – a label which I believe inferior to the overarching purpose.

I have a hard time selling the way I know how to. I take pride in representing my business in the most correct way, in not short-cutting because it is easy for an audience or manipulates them. I aim to clear up the confusion – not create more. I find solace in knowing that other innovators have done it too – stuck to their convictions and made a difference in the world.

Some Specialty Services…

For People

  • Holistic Plans
  • Accountability
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Stress Reduction
  • Education & Practice
  • Motivation & Support

For Businesses

  • Brand Management
  • Information Organization
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Content Generation
  • Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Tools Creation
  • Website Development

Some things I’ve accomplished this year…

  • Created a brand I believe in
  • Taken on new clients in Coaching & Communications, with successful outcomes
  • Secured a cozy brick-and-mortar office space
  • Met or reacquainted with a ton of leaders and like-minded pros
  • Begun cultivating within my Spartanburg community
  • Consistently promoted with website, social media and grass roots
  • Identified my purpose and stayed true to it
  • Become more well myself than ever before
  • Set timely business goals, and checked them off

Some things I’ve learned…

  • That I will constantly analyze and adjust how I talk about Whole Fit
  • That it is okay to grow slowly and smartly and be different
  • That you should always check building signage regulations if you operate inside the city limits
  • That you should take deposits for large projects
  • That you should track your hours worked like a fiend
  • That it’s super necessary to interact with others on the social-inter-webs
  • That there will never be enough hours in the day, week, month, year to do all I dream of
  • That that just means I will never run out of ideas

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Personally... I am a writer and perpetual student. Professionally... I specialize in Wellness Coaching and Communications and aim to help people seek, find and maintain health. <3

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