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June marks Whole Fit’s one year anniversary on Instagram. 🙂 It marks a lot for Whole Fit really – the one year anniversary for all social media presence with Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as when I first publicly announced the relaunch of my company Whole Fit: Wellness Coaching and Communications. Yeah, putting things on social media means they’re for real.

I do not naturally like social media. I just don’t seem to have the drive that others have do to consume it. I love to share though, and being inspired every single day with something related to Wellness is NO PROBLEM at all. Me being a content generator – writing creatively, finding visual representations to get the point across – is a sure thing.

Social media has its pitfalls that go against Wellness – perfectionism, comparison, compulsion, addiction. Not to mention the physical toll on the body for eyes, neck, back, hands. I was unsure of how to play the game and if I even wanted to.

I remember last July meeting with my good friend @harbouraffair, who seems to consistently dazzle the masses with her expert posts. I expressed how much annoyance I felt at being a business owner and NEEDING to be on social media. I knew in today’s world it is highly tied to your overall online presence, search-ability and legitimacy. I was simply resistant to the against-the-grain time- and soul-suck.

She offered a great point… I would never hesitate for a “networking” opportunity. I would attend an event, see a speaker or pass out business cards readily. She said social media is the high-tech version of that. Hmm… So logical, I had to change my mind. Here was an incredibly worthwhile reason to pursue it, and to do it well like any other business tactic.

I got a few lessons and tips from other helpful folks too. Additional shout outs to @eegnot, @e_noelle_s and @zwillmade for amping me up.

Next thing you knew, I was posting multiple times per week, tagging and hash-tagging, following other relevant accounts, liking and commenting around the horn. I had the skill. Since the answer to my big question of “why” was answered, I could snap to it.

A year later, I know more than ever and look back on the dubious me. I still have pretty excellent boundaries. I don’t itch to infinitely scroll. I actually have to block time on my calendar to share and peruse. It is a task that’s necessary for company and satisfying my urge to be a quality Wellness resource – but not a hobby that cramps my lifestyle.

I’m grateful for learning. I’m grateful for having a place to post all these thoughts. I’m grateful for having some fun, especially on the visual, artistic, expressionist medium like Instagram. Foremost, I’m grateful for each and every person who engages with Whole Fit. I am the quality over quantity provider, and will continue to operate that way.

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Personally... I am a writer and perpetual student. Professionally... I specialize in Wellness Coaching and Communications and aim to help people seek, find and maintain health. <3

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