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Today, I hit 125 meditation sessions and graduated to the Mountain badge in my app. Good feeling, but I’m even more proud to acknowledge the work that went into this stat.

For those of you who know meditation, you know that this number is not that significant. I have been meditating regularly since this time last year, only tracking in the app for about nine months though. I don’t know exact dates because I never really expected to be bragging about it. I started the practice for me – and no one else. I was seeking self-improvement, and realized this was something worth trying that takes very little time, energy or props.

I meditate 10 minutes a day, on most days, in the mornings. I particularly target weekdays – work days that inevitably generate stress. So, with being a beginner and just doing it when realistically possible, I have now mediated around 1,250 minutes. 🙂 I can safely say I feel improved. I notice a chill factor in my attitude and a general positive outlook. I am grateful – not hateful. I face life challenges with love and kindness first. I immediately use deep breathing in situations that raise cortisol levels. I have less pain and tension. Overall, I know meditating helps me be my best self.

Here is more reasoning for you on why I believe in meditation. I’ve caught the bug, and I’ll never go back. Never!

What Is Meditation?

According to The Buddhist Centre, meditation is a means of transforming the mind. These “mind-trainings” take many different approaches; however, the foundation of all of them, is the cultivation of a calm and positive state of mind. With regular work and patience in a meditation practice, you learn the patterns of your mind and have a means to cultivate new beneficial habits.

Benefits of Meditating

According to Heathline and a few other resources, the following are science-based benefits of meditation.

  • Reduce Stress
  • Control Anxiety
  • Promote Emotional Health
  • Enhance Self-Awareness
  • Lengthen Attention Span
  • Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Generate Kindness
  • Fight Addictions
  • Improve Sleep
  • Manage Pain
  • Decrease Blood Pressure
  • Lower Risk For Chronic Diseases
  • Spark Creativity
  • Promote Healthy Eating & Fat Loss
  • Boost Communication Skills

What To Expect

Beginning meditation can feel awkward, especially for those of us who have whiz-bang-pow brains that never turn off and are not used to peace or being still. A few notes as you’re starting out…

It is said that “every intentional breath is a meditation.” So you can literally begin with one minute of meditation. Other shorter – very doable – increments are five minutes or 10 minutes.

Your practice will not be perfect. Extraneous thoughts will creep up. Simply acknowledge them and let them pass, as you zero back in on your breath and the present moment.

Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their mental and emotional health. Examples of people who meditate: professional athletes, actors, elite militaries, CEOs, billionaires. Getting the picture of success?

My next article will focus on How To Meditate, some instruction and tools for beginners.

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