How To Meditate

From my last article Meditation + Me, you have hopefully begun to accept that meditation can be powerful and may be worth giving a try. Here, I want to explore some simple methods of meditation. No need to be intimidated. Just secure yourself some privacy and quiet and practice!

Meditation Styles

Meditation improves your health and is something everyone can do, anywhere. Amazingly, you do not need any special place, equipment or money. Here are some examples of meditation styles.

1) Basic
Sit comfortably – on the floor or on a cushion or chair. Use good posture, but don’t be too rigid. Close your eyes, relax the body and tune in to how you are feeling. Stay in the moment, mindfully noticing senses and breathing in and out.

2) Movement
Some use walking or martial arts as a form to practice meditation – think peaceful labyrinth or Tai Chi. The body motion calms your mind, as you are focused on the present physical activity.

3) Music
Some use music. Nature sounds or soothing instrumentals can transport you and minimize distracting thoughts.

4) Scent
Many use pleasant smells – a.k.a. aroma therapy – before, during or after meditation. Essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender are calming.

5) Task
Some use a process like doing dishes or making a cup of tea as a structure. You pay detailed attention to your every step.

6) Personal Favorite
I have chronic neck issues from stress and overuse, and my chiropractor recommends I do “traction.” This is the act of lying down with my neck and head extended backwards over an edge. I do my meditation while in this position for 10 minutes. Multiple forms of relief. Two birds with one stone!

Meditations Apps

Of course, you can practice with sanctioned groups or a professional coach. But you can also find your own guided meditations, and have them ready at your fingertips. The following apps come highly recommended, are easy to navigate and can remove guesswork from the process. I use Oak Meditation. It’s free and basic – all I really need. Welcome, newbies!

Oak Meditation // Free & Courses

Insight Timer // Free & Premium

Headspace // Free Trial, Then Subscription

Calm // Free Trial, Then Subscription

Bottom Line… Meditation can help. What do you have to lose?

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