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Wellness Coaching

Creating custom health solutions for individuals, couples and groups.


Nutrition is a relatively new science, but we have undeniable evidence that what you put into your body truly matters. Don’t just feed the system. Fuel it properly for high function and disease prevention. Start understanding food groups, portion sizes, nutrient timing and poor-choice triggers to practice a better way of eating.


The human body is miraculous and was designed to move. So being sedentary definitely impacts your quality of life in a negative way. Exercise is tied to physical health, metabolism, hormone regulation and weight management. Learn how to add much-needed activity to your routine – while being safe and seeing results.


Many factors contribute to overall well-being. Your habits have been formed throughout your life. Your home and work environments dictate schedule and demands. Begin understanding “self” and practicing healthier choices to manage stress, improve sleep, elevate mood, increase social support and find balance.

Coaching Services

Some offerings you might like to get on track and stay on track.

In-Person Sessions

Face-to-face meetings at the Whole Fit office

Virtual Sessions

Voice or video calls for remote access & tough schedules

Group Classes

Specially designed content for your audience

Fitness Assessments

Testing your abilities & measuring your progress over time

Fitness Programs

Personalized strategic plan to improve your fitness

Workout Plans

Specific exercise routines, terminology & demonstrations

Nutrition Programs

Tailored goal setting & food tracking to improve your nutrition

Meal Plans

Daily & weekly guides for healthy eating habits

Grocery Store Tours

Learn to navigate aisles & read labels with confidence

Kitchen Makeovers

Organize, clean out & stock up your space

Step forward

Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. That’s why Whole Fit exists. To help people at various levels improve their health and well-being – through education, motivation and accountability.

Step 1 … New Client Consultation

Step 2 … Personal Program Created

Step 3 … Your Wellness Journey Begins

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