Building your brand

Wellness Communications

You help people eat well, stay fit, reduce stress or something else worthwhile. Whole Fit wants to be you backup.

Industry Expertise

Does your marketing company know wellness? Do they really get it? Whole Fit specializes in the health and fitness niche. Talking the talk and walking the walk each day – with a finger on the pulse of your audience as an active coach too.

Personal Relationship

Whole Fit is a sole proprietorship, which means doing business is a breeze. We keep things simple, transparent, quick, low cost and effective. Marketing services can lead the way or compliment any existing staff or initiatives.

Project Passion

Your business matters, because you are out there making a difference in people’s lives. Whole Fit shares that love for serving others and would like to make your job easier. Together, we can find messaging that resonates and sparks action.

Communications Services

Fundamental and tactical services to boost your brand awareness and sales.

Strategic Planning

Research, guidelines & training to accomplish your goals

Account & Project Management

Start-to-finish organization, that’s on time & on budget

Copy Writing & Editing

Power of the spoken or written word cannot be underestimated

Website Design & Development

A must-have online presence for legitimacy these days

Social Media Setup & Training

Covering the basics, creating content & following calendar

Basic Photos & Videos

Minimalist equipment, especially for speed & digital use

Promotional Products

Recommendations & order management for your company swag

Art Direction

Supervising graphic design for accuracy & attractiveness

Print Production

Overseeing the print process & your items coming to life

Operations & Flow

Evaluating internal processes, employee relations & enhancement

Grow Business

Work with someone who understands. Aarika at Whole Fit is an active Wellness Coach, a certified nutrition, fitness and lifestyle specialist that really cares.

Step 1 … New Client Consultation

Step 2 … Project Scopes Created

Step 3 … Communications Work Begins

Free Consultations

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