Hi guys! Welcome to Whole Fit. I’m Aarika Johnson – marketing professional, personal trainer, nutrition counselor and entrepreneur. I started my own company so I could focus on what I strongly believe in. My “first career” was in Communications. My “second career” was in Health and Fitness. Surprisingly, these have much in common. It’s about client service, creating and executing plans, evaluating and adjusting constantly. Now, I bring both fields together for a Wellness crusade.

“Wellness” means a lot of things… Activity, nutrition, body composition, capability, stress, sleep, recovery, clinical, mental, emotional and social. Life is a miracle, and being healthy is how we live it to the fullest. In this modern era, we have better options for health than ever before. Yet, chronic disease and obesity statistics are at all time highs and still rising. Ultimately, I believe people want to be well, to be strong, nourished, joyful and peaceful. But they often need assistance to achieve that.

People need knowledge, practice and accountability. They need resources and support. They need to see the importance and potential. I am here to help those people – and the businesses helping those people.