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Meditation + Me

Today, I hit 125 meditation sessions and graduated to the Mountain badge in my app. Good feeling, but I’m even more proud to acknowledge the work that went into this stat.

AarikaMeditation + Me
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Eating a Pomegranate

I don’t like admitting this… I had never eaten a pomegranate. You know, the buy whole fruit at the store and do it yourself eating. I have had plenty of dishes with dried pomegranate seeds or pomegranate flavoring. Yet, that bulbous thing on it’s own was intimidating.

During this week’s grocery store trip, beautiful ruby red fruits beckoned me. I picked it up and turned it about in my hand. Hmm… What would I tell a client? Try it!

At home, I was no less baffled. I had to find an article by searching “how to eat pomegranate.” So silly. But I’ll be damned if I was going to back down from this new idea and be daunted by this food forever because I was too lazy to Google it. (More info at Healthline.)

It looks good – exotic, enticing. It sounds good – sophisticated, cultured. It is healthy – vitamin C, antioxidants. It is versatile – seeds, juice, storage. Now, I must have a pomegranate!

Instructions for easy eating were as follows:

  • Cut fruit in half
  • Spoon out the tiny red “jewels” into a bowl
  • Eat entire seed

Notes after successfully eating my first pomegranate:

It was messy. Like wear latex gloves and an apron messy. And immediately clean your cutting board or counter, because the red juice stains awfully.

It was work. There are tons of jewels, and they are dappled throughout a thick white inner membrane. It took some time and was like a puzzle.

It was filling. Thankfully, I only needed to do one half the first day. Then, “performed surgery” and ate the other half the next day.

It was delicious. Eating the whole seed took getting used to, definitely different texture. But next thing I know I’m chomping away on nutritious nibblets – instead of chips.



AarikaEating a Pomegranate
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