The Multitasking Problem: Part 2

Multitasking. This theme keeps recurring in my life. A constant push to Do More, Do Better, Do Faster. Last year, I mindfully chose to start keeping eyes and ears open to what the universe is trying to tell me. In Part 1, I hit on a few things… Our rigorous society, juggling to deal with busyness and the problems with “multitasking” – most notably losing incredible amounts of mental time each day switching between tasks and the stratification of our attention that leads to likely inferior results. Here goes Part 2 with some of my own insights.

The Multitasking Problem: Part 1

Multitasking is common. All day, every day. We listen to podcasts while riding the train or driving. We do dishes while also cooking in the kitchen. We use the toilet while brushing our teeth. We plan coffee and lunch meetings for business. I literally see 3 people in front of me right now at StarbucksContinue reading “The Multitasking Problem: Part 1”