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Active Pup

Detective Leonard Briscoe Johnson. My pup. My super active pup. His second birthday is in October, and he is still very much a puppy. Boykin Spaniels live to be up to 15 years old, so they must just really enjoy their puppy-hoods, right? I keep hearing that he’ll be more mature at age two. And, I’ve said from the beginning as a joke (as the truth is said in jest) that “he’ll be a great dog when he’s four.”

AarikaActive Pup
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For Christmas, I got 2 Groupon vouchers to play paintball. Eek! I obviously put this off for a while…

For one, I had never played paintball. I had never shot paintballs with friends running around the woods for fun. I had never even held a paintball gun, or a paintball for that matter.

For two, I had to convince more people to come with. I mean, my husband and I are up for anything and share a lot of laughs together, but just the 2 of us shooting each other didn’t seem right.

So, I finally got organized – in June. Let me go ahead and beg you to book your session in colder weather.

We corralled 2 buddies to join us and headed to Planet Paintball in Moore, SC. Once there, the passes covered a package with guns and paintballs, and the reps helped us pick caliber and protective gear suitable to our novice status. Last touch, in 90-degree weather, adding clothing layers for padding.

The facility was really cool. It was a set-off piece of property, full of obstacle courses. Nothing fancy. Very authentic and outdoorsy.  As professional paintball players, I expected the associates to be knowledgeable, but I was grateful for their kindness and non-judgement.

We did teams of 2 and were able to switch partners and play 4 games. We had Gatorade breaks in between and, oddly enough, took our dear sweet time getting back in action. In the end, we were sweaty, exhausted messes.

I kept telling them I would write a blog article about how much exercise this was. Physical and mental acuity – check! Burning tons of kcals in the hour – definitely!

Player highlight… During initial target practice, Aarika tags the head with the first 2 shots. Doot. Doot.


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GO Day

Saturday, June 11, 2016, was National Get Outdoors Day, or GO Day for short. This year marked the ninth annual recognized day, but it was the first time I had heard of it. Thanks, random TV commercial!

I talk all the time about the importance of getting outside more. The benefits of fresh air and sunshine are pretty obvious. Even more significant could be the variety of activity – moving your body in a new way, breaking a pattern of boredom, enjoying competition and company or just plain playing.

This special day gave me the perfect opportunity to pester all my training clients via text message, saying “Today is National Get Outdoors Day. Do something fun!”

I took this idea to heart, too. My husband and I were in Vermont that weekend for a wedding. The event was not taking place until 5:00 in the evening, so a group of family and friends and us went for a hike. Although it wasn’t an extreme excursion, it was on target, and may have been one of my most majestic experiences. (The Trapp Family Lodge scenery will not disappoint!)

I was also happy that we turned our whole long weekend into a Great Outdoors adventure by visiting Moss Glen Falls, the “most photogenic waterfall in the state,” and doing a trek along the above-cloud rocky trail of Mount Mansfield, covering about one-third of the trail toward the summit in 46 degrees and 40 mile per hour winds. (Don’t worry. We rewarded ourselves for this physical toll by touring the local Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory later.)

I heard back from my clients…

My shirt for the day! (with a photo of her wearing a “Celebrate the Great Outdoors” t-shirt)

Sweet. Fits my plan of walking to a lake […] and taking pictures.

Ok. Will do it!

I bought a huge piece of cake and ate it OUTDOORS!! (just kidding)

Incredible case study. I was a champion of GO Day as well as a good influence. ☺

AarikaGO Day
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