The Multitasking Problem: Part 2

Multitasking. This theme keeps recurring in my life. A constant push to Do More, Do Better, Do Faster. Last year, I mindfully chose to start keeping eyes and ears open to what the universe is trying to tell me. In Part 1, I hit on a few things… Our rigorous society, juggling to deal with busyness and the problems with “multitasking” – most notably losing incredible amounts of mental time each day switching between tasks and the stratification of our attention that leads to likely inferior results. Here goes Part 2 with some of my own insights.

Aging: Part 2

Welcome to the new anti-aging regime! Part 2 is about the information I gained with much research and testing. It’s still a very personal experience, but I hope I can make all you old people’s lives a bit easier.  😉 Yes, I got the Retin-A Micro. The instructions said to use it every day, orContinue reading “Aging: Part 2”